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May 15, 2017 / by Dave Ross / In bits and bobs / Leave a comment

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This is my first blog post. ¬†So please bear with me ūüôā

We recently had a meeting with Innovation Digital to discuss the possibility of us partnering with them on some projects.  It was a good meeting Рwe were able to present some of our best work Рthe stuff we think is innovative.

It was also a substantial meeting and only came to an end when my phone bleeped to say our parking had all but run out.

So what are we proud of? ¬†Well, for one, our long time client Search Consultancy’s website. ¬†But more specifically the application process we developed for their candidates.

We believe its as good as it gets.

Lets examine what the competition do:

  • A candidate searches & finds a job or jobs ¬†– they then pop said job(s) into a job basket and apply
  • A Big Form appears – they type their¬†name, email, telephone, mobile, address, sector¬†¬†etc
  • Finally they attach their¬†CV for upload and submit their¬†application

Nah – this can be improved!

So we turned the application process on its head.

  • A candidate uploads their CV
  • Our website¬†extracts the candidate’s name, email, phone numbers and address
  • Said candidate checks all is well – clicks apply – Bob’s your auntie.

This takes the application process from a 1 to 5 minute typing ordeal to a 3 click 30 second apply.

What about the 60% of candidates browsing for jobs on their mobile I hear you cry? ¬†They don’t have their CV to hand but have found that perfect job – We just let them apply then send an email asking them to reply with their CV. ¬†Simple. ¬†

This is all integrated with broadbean.

We do systems stuff that works for people.

With metta, D

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