Adopt a Path

May 16, 2017 / by an artisan / In websites / Leave a comment

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The team at the Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland came up with a great idea to help manage and maintain their paths network.  It’s called Adopt a Path and it allows their team, volunteers and path work contractors to share information and progress on problems affecting their Paths network.

The Problem:

It’s always been an issue getting an accurate path problem details to the right person with the right description in the correct location.

The Solution:

The innovative Adopt a Path project enlists volunteers to walk their allocated path(s) regularly and report any problems to the Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland who then assess the problem and, if required, assign a contractor to repair it.

Digijuice were commissioned to develop a system that would allow problems to be reported, categorised, photographed and geo-located with the correct team members notified and repairs documented.  The Adopt a Path web-application went live at the end of April and is both simple to use and loaded with some pretty cool code.  We used EXIF parsing of JPEG images to accurately Geo-locate a problem.  Path details are dynamically overlaid on google maps using KML information.  A four tier user hierarchy allows contractors, path volunteers, administrators and, indeed, member of the public to access various system functions and automated emails are sent seamlessly to people who need informed of problems and updates.

Metta, D

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